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CV Workshops & Rewriting

A CV is a shop window for employers to ascertain the suitability of candidates, these workshops will: Empower people with the knowledge and skills to present themselves in the best possible way. Aid with layout and presentation of their CV. Having a well written, properly spelt and formatted CV is the first step to enhancing the employability of an individual allowing them to get the interview opportunities to be able to display their reliability and enthusiasm to a prospective employer.

Interview Skills

In the modern age more and more of our social interactions tend to be impersonal with the growth of online social media and mobile telephony.  This often means that individuals have less of the face to face interactions necessary to develop the confidence to do an effective interview. Through mentoring and interview skills workshops we are able improve confidence and knowledge to be able to effectively promote themselves at interview helping them stand out as the highest possible quality candidate for the role.


In Dunstable we have many successful people who are prepared to devote their time free of charge to help those who require guidance to achieve their life goals and objectives. The premises to provide Mentoring to a wide range of the local population. Individual on a 1 on 1 mentoring to enhance their soft skill set, increase their confidence and help provide direction.

How did our work start?

In 2009 the Sharons bumped into each other in town after not seeing each other for many years. It soon became apparent that both Sharons felt that something needed to be done to improve their home town and from that moment they were on a mission, and that mission was to keep the local people updated and informed what was happening in their town. After a number of years of working with local businesses and like-minded people the vision of  DLDD Trust started to form and that vision was to enhance the job prospects of the residents of Dunstable. This has been done through their Facebook Don’t Let Dunstable Die page, where both local and national vacancies are posted. Through the power of social media people are able to see daily what opportunities are available to them. Local business come to DLDD Trust directly to advertise their vacancy using us as their first point of call to secure their employees. We usually only require a small donation for them to be posted to our 15,000+ followers who are active daily. If required we can offer bespoke training for multiple vacancies.