DLDD – The British Citizen Award

This is a brief guide to The British Citizen Award language used in media and social media to enable a consistent message portraying the importance of the medalists’ endeavours and the gravitas of being selected to receive the BCA Medal.

Language Crib sheet – Recognition Programme

Medalists are selected to receive The British Citizen Award (BCA) on merit – it is not a competition and therefore medalists do not win an award, they are selected or honoured with a BCA

The British Citizen Award is a recognition platform designed to honour individuals in the community for making a positive impact on society, community or specialist groups – The British Citizen Award (BCA) is a Recognition Programme.

IndividualsselectedtoreceiveTheBritish CitizenAward(BCA),areawardedaspeciallystruckbespokemedalof honour inscribed with the words ‘For the Good of the Country’.

Individuals ‘are recognised for their positive impact on community or society’ Individuals ‘are role models in their communities’
Individuals are ‘invited to use the BCA letters as post nominals’
We hold a ‘Medal presentation at the Palace of Westminster’

Individuals ‘are nominated for recognition.’

The purpose of the BCA programme is to recognise individuals for their community endeavours and encourage them to continue and for others to emulate their good deeds.

It is important that individuals are recognised as widely as possible in the media, for the good that they do, shining a light of positivity in the community and providing positive news stories for media.

BCA recipients are all extraordinary people from across the country who have a commitme nt to improving the lives of others. All Medallist come from all over the country to be honoured at The Palace of Westminster.

The programme reflects multi-cultural Britain, welcoming nominations for any person that is committed to making a positive impact on their community or their chosen cause.

Nominations are welcomed all year round for one of the two annual medal presentations – to request a nomination form, please email nominations@britishcitizenawards.co.uk with the words ‘BCA Nomination Request’ in the title.